A Lion joining a club for the first time pays an entrance fee to the Association. His/Her annual dues to the International Association, the District and home club constitutes financial commitment other than the meeting costs.  Contact us for more information.  CLICK HERE

A Lion member may transfer to any club in the world, subject to the new club’s acceptance. It is a requirement that a Lion complete the transfer within six months following the date of termination of membership in their former club.

Club meetings are held at least twice monthly. One meeting may be devoted to business and the planning of projects and the other to a dinner meeting often with a guest speaker.

The required attendance of members (either at club meetings or at activities), type of program, formation of committees, etc., are all decisions finally taken by the local club based on the broad recommendations of the Association.

Lions Clubs elect their officers annually and work through club committees.

All monies for a Lions Club activity are raised by the efforts of the members through whatever legal fund-raising projects they may devise.

The Basis of Membership

Any person of legal majority, good moral character and good reputation in their community may be granted membership in a duly authorized Lions Club. Membership is by invitation only.

Service to the Community

From the start, the emphasis has been on service in all forms to less fortunate members of the community. The club constitution, as recommended by the Association, may be adapted by the local club to suit its own particular requirements while keeping within the principles of the Association and its International constitution. This autonomy allowed to the individual clubs and the concentration on practical service have perhaps been the two principal factors which maintain the momentum of the Association’s growth and progress.

International Cooperation

At the same time the completely international nature of the organization, with the possibility of frequent and ever-increasing contact between the members of the clubs around the world based on their common interest in community service, has always been a feature to catch the imagination and the enthusiasm of the broadest of minds.

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